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We’re Sara & Katie.

We're a small team, but we get a lot done.

We have a team of freelance strategy, analytics, UX, copywriting and development professionals we call on if a project needs to scale up – but you’ll always be working and dealing directly with us.

Katie Freire

Katie Johnston

Katie has a lifelong love for language, and has been obsessed with the internet since there was an internet to be obsessed with. She's rapidly approaching two decades (gulp) of web content experience on both the client and agency side, focused primarily on government, education and the financial sector.

Katie believes strongly that web content is a design skill – what’s on the page and where is as important, if not more important, than how it’s phrased. She has both a knack for strategy and the big picture and an obsessive eye for detail, and fervently believes that better content might save the world.

Katie Johnston

Sara Blake

Sara Blake

A former journalist, Sara has been working with words her entire career. She’s worked on the web for more than 15 years, wielding the editorial knife at news websites including stuff.co.nz and telegraph.co.uk, before turning to public and private sector content specialist, digital marketing and strategy roles.

Sara started Sixtyproof with Katie after struggling to find an agency that understood that good web content is about more than just nice words. She strongly believes that content is central to design and the user experience – and vice versa – and integral to a successful website. She is passionate about quality content.

Sara Blake

Our partners

Lana Gibson


Lana is an analytics and SEO wizard who turns data into strategies and tools to help businesses understand their audiences, measure their performance, and achieve their goals. She also trains people, speaks in public, and has amazing hair.


Your name here?

Are you a UX person who’s good with words, or a word person who’s good at UX? We’re keen to talk to content strategists, strategic-thinking copywriters, and designers of all kinds who love language and care about making better things for people to use. You’ll need to be open to flexible hours and working from home.

We couldn’t recommend Sixtyproof any higher!

Bron Thomson, Springload